What's in a name?

haimish adj [hay-mish] (ˈheɪmɪʃ) 

having qualities associated with a homelike atmosphere; simple, warmrelaxed, cozy, unpretentious, etc.

hollow noun [hol-low] (ˈhälōˈ

A small, sheltered, often wooded valley that usually but not necessarily has a watercourse.


Gryffindor and Whiskey inspecting the stream on our first exploration of the full property. Spring 2021

For us there's a lot in a name. 

Haimish Hollow Homestead has been years in the making. In fact we have called every home we have lived in together Haimish Hollow. From the Santa Cruz Mountains of California to here in Southern Maine. That's a total of five homes! 


When we first toured this property in the dead of winter it just felt right. The ground was covered in snow and what we could see we knew needed some love. But it was an old working farm on 6 acres, a barn with beautiful bones, and house we could make our home. It was clear that it had not been a working farm for many years. Something the previous owner confirmed when we met her during closing. 

Since then we have watched the snow melt to reveal several small pastures, a small valley, a trail into the woods, and a stream.


A true Haimish Hollow.

Hi! We're the Morrills.

We're transplants from California who have fallen in love with Maine. Originally moving cross country for my (Phoebe) job we discovered a land and people who fill our hearts with happiness. 

I'm Phoebe, wife, mom, and the one who dreamt about having a farm when all the other little girls were dreaming of their wedding. Seriously. 

Matt is my other half, anchor to my chaos, and daddy to our girls. He's an HVAC technician when working off the farm and all around handyman on the farm. He has also been bitten by the farm bug. Much to my relief. ;) 

Our girls, Emmaline (4) and Isabell (1), are our daily joys, full of love, curiosity, stubbornness (they are mine after all), and excitement. Always encouraging doing more and bigger.

Our family wouldn't be complete without dogs. Our current pair is Gryffindor, brindle mastiff, and Whiskey, fawn pitbull. And well, we also have a cat, Pigwidgen. Because, well, Emmaline.

My dad, Mike, also pictured is here in our hearts. He passed away just after we closed on Haimish Hollow. His excitement about "what could be" is in every sunrise. 


Phoebe, Isabelle, Matt, Mike

Gryffindor, Whiskey, Emmaline

October 2020